The first question people tend to ask about what I do is “what exactly is branding?”

You see, people understand that a business needs a logo or a strapline, but they often think that branding stops there.

Worse still they think that branding consultants are just ‘paid for doing nothing’ – remember when the Post Office changed to Insignia and was then forced to change back at a cost of millions of pounds? That’s what people think of branding.

In truth they simply couldn’t be more wrong. Your brand is your identity and a good brand can make or break your business. It’s not just a logo; it’s a logo that is instantly recognisable. It’s not just a strapline; it’s a strapline that tells people what you do. It’s everything from the colour palette you use, to the way you lay out your website, to when and where you place your company image. Even the font on your letterhead can have a massive impact on your revenue, so when it comes to really effective branding, the devil is in the detail.

What do I do?

First and foremost I learn about your business, from your places of origin and your reasons for starting your company, to your current demographics and your hopes for the future. I research your business thoroughly so that I can understand exactly what you’re trying to communicate and to whom.

Once I know your business inside and out I can work with you to put together a brand. Often that brand will begin with a logo, but sometimes it might be something as simple as picking a single colour! Your complete brand package will include house guidelines on colour, font, images and style, and can even extend to the words you want to use and the places you want to advertise. That means that if you want to communicate with your clients at any point in the future you and your staff will be able to do so, without disrupting your company image.

Why does it matter?

Branding is all about cohesion and consistency. Imagine if you were searching for a McDonald’s and the ‘M’ was in a different font; would you still pull in for lunch? What if the Times newspaper journalists suddenly started using text speak, or Nike changed their tick for a cross?

The most successful brands are instantly recognisable and that’s because they have a style that is purely, and unchangingly their own. That’s what I can do for you: create an all-encompassing brand that helps your company become instantly recognisable for all the right reasons. A brand that showcases your product, your service, your ethos and your standards, and that helps you become firmly established as one of the best in your field.

The fact is that my services can increase your business in both the short and long term.

Branding matters, branding sells and it’s your business’s branding that will ultimately makes you unique.