Introducing Passion to Launch!

Introducing Passion to Launch!

“Do something today that your future self will thank you for”

– Unknown

Are you tired of being trapped in your business?

As entrepreneurs, it’s so easy to get caught up in the trap of having to always find new clients to feed your business. It’s exhausting and can feel as though you are constantly on a never-ending hamster wheel. Meanwhile, you are not developing your exciting new ideas and driving your business forward.

Sound familiar? I’ve been there and I know all too well how real the struggle is!

AND I am guessing you started your business because you wanted to create freedom in your life; freedom to create something you love, something that works for you and not the other way round.

The business you are pouring your heart and soul into IS the vehicle that’s going to drive you to your dreams, but it doesn’t need to be hard. After all, why work hard in your business when you can make your business work hard for you?

Simple… by creating and launching your own digital course.

Once you have a customer base, selling online courses can be a source of passive income.

Your online course can also be used as a marketing tool and to strengthen client relationships. Make use of your online course to demonstrate what your company is all about, and demonstrate what sets you apart from the competition. Build strong bonds with your students and watch as their enthusiasm for your course grows.

But let’s start with what it is.

What is a digital course?

Using an online course to generate passive income is one of the simplest ways to scale a business.

Contrary to popular belief, starting an online course business is relatively simple and inexpensive. All you need to start selling online courses is yourself, a simple website, and a subject that you can teach.

Creating and selling a digital course for your business  gives you the financial and time freedom you desire to make your dreams become reality, AND enable you to…

  • Scale your business
  • Generate money on demand
  • Positively impact the lives of yourstudents
  • Widen your customer base
  • Create a more robust business model
  • Solidify your brand
  • Become the ‘go to’ expert in your space
  • Make money doing something you love
  • Create the life you want for yourself and your family.

Now that businesses are becoming more remote and online, it’s more important than ever to get your courses (and skills!) out there.

More and more people are online.

They work, meet, shop, play, and learn all from the comfort of their own homes. You don’t have to persuade them of the importance of online learning because they already believe it.

So now, what you must do is develop a course that they require, one that will assist them in solving a problem or making their lives easier.

How do I get started?

The best part is that online courses can be created and sold by anyone.

All you need is a little knowledge and the ability to speak passionately about a subject. But if you still have no idea what to do and how to get started, I’ve got you covered.

    Passion to Launch! Kit

    Introducing… Passion to Launch!

    Passion to Launch! is a comprehensive programme that will help you create your digital course so that you can scale your business AND stop trading your precious, limited time for money.

    Throughout the 12-week programme,  where you work closely with me, you will receive:

    • A roadmap to turn your winning idea into a profitable course
    • Resources to help get you started
    • Specific deadlines to work towards
    • Accountability to help you stay on track
    • Support on hand to help you achieve your goals

    As we work through the programme you will be:

    • Pre-work: Nailing your perfect topic
    • Week 1 – Outlining your course strategy
    • Week 2 – Defining & validating your ideal student
    • Week 3 – Clarifying the transformation & course promise
    • Week 4 – Outlining your course structure and content
    • Week 5 – Styling your course
    • Week 6 – Getting tech-savvy
    • Week 7 – Delivering your course
    • Week 8 – Outlining your course offer
    • Week 9 – Creating a killer sales page
    • Week 10 – Creating your visibility plan
    • Week 11 – Choosing your launch style
    • Week 12 – Getting ready for launch

    And you will have access to:

    • 12 weekly ‘live’ training sessions
    • 12 weekly Q&A sessions
    • On-demand pieces of training and quick-win tutorials
    • Recorded replays of all ‘live’ training sessions
    • A private members area
    • A private Facebook group

    And a LIFETIME access to the programme! Plus, lots of valuable bonuses to help you achieve success.

    This programme is perfect for you if:

    • You are ready to take your business to the next level
    • You are bursting with creative ideas and ready to bring them to life!
    • You want to create freedom in your business
    • You want to create a positive impact in the world
    • You are ready to share your knowledge and expertise to support others
    • You are ready to generate more sales and make the money you truly deserve!
    • You are ready to take action!

    This programme is NOT right for you if:


    • You are not prepared to put the work in to make it happen
    • You are not ready to show up for yourself and take a leap of faith
    • You are not ready to break free from the beliefs that are holding you back
    • You enjoy the relentless cycle of having to find new clients to work with
    • You are not ready to invest in your business or yourself.

    In conclusion…

    With the majority of our lives now spent online and our businesses facing constant uncertainty and change, it’s time for you to go out, create an online course, and generate some money!

    It’s not only a way for you to supplement your income, but it’s also a way for you to establish yourself as a subject matter expert who enjoys assisting others. This focuses on building relationships with clients and potential clients, which ultimately brings them back to you in the future.

    Introducing Passion to Launch!


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    How to Monetise Your Expertise

    How to Monetise Your Expertise

    “Knowledge is of no value unless you put it into practice”

    – Anton Chekhov

    What are you an expert in? 

    As an entrepreneur, it’s easy to take your expertise and skills for granted. But did you know that your expertise has a value and that you can sell it? Everyone has a strength or a skill they can capitalise on — it can be parenting, coaching, creative design — the list goes on and on.

    So let’s talk about how you can seize the opportunity, and monetise your expertise to empower your audience to do what you do.

    Finding your zone of genius

    One of the problems entrepreneurs face is identifying the areas they’re already an expert in, and figuring out how to position themselves. To overcome this, make a list of all the things you’re knowledgeable about. Then narrow it down and consider which of these areas might be valuable to others, but also, how motivated you are in teaching it.

    Think of how you will position yourself 

    Let’s face it. Unless you’re working in a very specific niche area (in which case your audience is small), there are going to be people out there who have the same niche and expertise as you, and are bound to end up as your competitors.

    Think about how you want to present your business and yourself in a way that’s fresh, unique, and different. Something that makes you stand out and make people want to choose you among others.


    Know your target market 

    Now on to the audience.

    Before executing your product or service, it’s important to know who your target audience is. Who are they? Where are you most likely to find them? Identifying who your target audience is vital because it will influence how you position yourself, what kind of online presence you want to create, and which platforms to be on.


    Final thoughts 

    We live in the information age where if you have knowledge, you are valuable.

    Monetizing your expertise can be done in several ways, but getting started means understanding the value of your skills and expertise. Who is willing to pay for what you know? What are they willing to pay?

    Developing a one-person consulting business is not for everyone, but it is one way to turn your knowledge into profitable assets. This blog has given you a place to start in developing an action plan that will give you the greatest chance at success.

    Good luck!

    How to monetise your expertise
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    5 key lessons I learnt in business during 2021

    5 key lessons I learnt in business during 2021

    There is nothing impossible to they who will try.

    – Alexander the Great

    Hello & welcome 2022!

    Once again we welcome in a brand new year whilst saying goodbye to a year that has been filled with many triumphs and challenges.

    Now I wouldn’t say that the last year has been easy (after all we were all still having to deal with the realities of a pandemic) however, for me, it was a year of growth both personally and professionally.

    There’s nothing quite like running a business through such difficult times to test your limits, boundaries, resilience and tenacity. There have been many moments of self-doubt and fear as I embarked on what was perhaps my most testing year to date, but the truth is that despite all the ups and downs, last year was one of the best years I have experienced in business.

    Now at the start of 2022, I look back at last year feeling a sense of pride, excitement and joy at what I’ve achieved.

    At the start of 2021, having experienced what digital courses and digital products could do for my business, I decided to transition the company into this field so that our team could support clients in creating passive revenue streams for their businesses.

    It’s a perfect addition to the services Pink Lemon already provides as, not only can we help with the extensive branding and web services we offer, but we can also continue to support our clients by helping them to successfully monetise their brand online.

    At the start of the pandemic I realised that, as a service provider, I was heavily reliant on clients to generate revenue. I was spending most of my time finding new clients to pay the bills, rather than focusing on expanding my offering and doing what I really love.

    Whilst in lockdown I realised that the way I was running my business was not sustainable and so something had to change if I wanted to realise my long-term vision. I started to consider other ways of running my business and working out how I could create passive revenue streams to provide me with more financial and creative freedom.

    So far my move in this direction has been very successful and so I wanted to share with you the 5 key lessons I learnt in business last year.

    1. Mindset is everything

    And I mean EVERYTHING!!!

    Something that I have learnt is that it really doesn’t matter what your goals are, if your mind is not there, you will struggle to achieve them.

    In business, I believe it’s vital to cultivate a strong growth mindset so that we are open to taking risks and learning from failures. This can be really scary of course, but I do believe that it is a necessary part of growth. If we stay in our comfort zone, we will never be able to push past our fears and find our true passion.

    The truth is that ‘failure’ doesn’t really exist, because when things don’t go to plan, we learn a lesson and we start again. We only truly ‘fail’ when we stop trying. Reframing how you view failure will help you to develop a mindset for success.

    2. Perfection doesn’t exist

    Everyone’s idea of perfection is different, which makes it subjective, and so we may therefore posit that it too doesn’t exist.

    How many times have you been crippled by the need to deliver perfection? For me, I can honestly say, a lot.

    We see people doing what we do, but earning more money or getting more recognition, and we view them as ‘perfect’, but that’s simply a fear response. The truth is that these ‘perfect’ people have worked just as hard as us behind the scenes.

    Perhaps they’ve been doing it longer than us, perhaps they’ve been especially lucky, perhaps they’ve simply hit upon the ‘right’ way for them a little sooner than most, but sit down for a chat and you’ll soon find that they have been just as concerned with their imagined imperfections as you!

    The key here is, once more, your mindset. Throw away the idea that everything has to be perfect, and realise that you simply need to do the best that you can at any given moment.  

    3. Build a strong team

    No man is an island and one lone person cannot make a successful business. Even if you are a solopreneur you still need a little help. Whether this is in the form of an accountant, a VA, a designer or even just a friend to act as a sounding board, you must never make the mistake of thinking you have to do everything yourself.

    The biggest error people make when establishing a new business is trying to save money by doing everything themselves. If you don’t know much about building websites you can use a cheap DIY platform to set one up, but guess what… it will look cheap. It will devalue your service and will drive away potential customers.

    In the long run, it’s really not worth it. There are a host of services available to help start-ups fund their new companies, so look into this aspect before trying to go it completely alone.

    4. Always start with the end in mind

    Know what you are trying to achieve and then work back from there. Define your vision, create your roadmap and outline your goals.
    This is something I talk about a lot and it’s the first thing I establish when I meet with a new client. If your goals for your business are vague then you won’t be able to define a clear set of actions to take. If this is the case then you’ll end up simply running a business rather than developing one and you’ll never reach your potential, financial or otherwise.
    For some people this can be an acceptable path, but for the true entrepreneur this way of working will feel stilted and frustrating. It’s worth taking the time to define your goals and, once you have, break them down into a few sentences, or even a few words, display them somewhere prominent in your home or office and refer to them daily in order to maintain focus and drive.

    5. Stop worrying about what other people think

    There are some people who will always judge others. Sometimes this is because they are jealous of other people’s success, sometimes it’s because they are so sure of their own path that they cannot bear to see people do things differently. People like this are a minority, but when we’re running a business we often feel as though those judging eyes are everywhere we look.
    This self-consciousness can have a massive negative impact on us and our business, even though, rationally, we know that most of the people we deal with are firmly on our side.
    The trick is not to assume that everyone is rooting for us (because we know there will always be those few who aren’t) but to make a conscious decision not to pay attention to nay-sayers.
    At the end of the day, the only person who can judge you is you, and if you determine to treat yourself with kindness and respect then there’s nothing you can’t achieve.


    So those are my 5 key lessons for starting (or upgrading!) a business. They may seem straightforward, but they’re things that many of us forget to consider once we get caught up in the mundanity of running a business. Hopefully seeing them here in black and white will help you to step back and re-evaluate things, and January is a good month for re-evaluation!
    So does anything I’ve said here resonate with you? I hope so, and I hope that they can provide a jumping-off point for you as we head into the New Year. 
    5 Key Lessons I learnt during 2021
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    How things can look up in a lockdown

    How things can look up in a lockdown

    “Nothing in life is to be feared, it is only to be understood. Now is the time to understand more so that we may fear less.”

    – Marie Curie

    Ok so I’m going to be really honest with you here: I’m a little bit fearful. The country (well the world) is on lockdown, there’s a pandemic in progress and people fear for both their health and their finances.

    So yes, I’m fearful, but then human beings are programmed to feel fear at times. We fear the unknown, we worry if our families are threatened, and we hate uncertainty. However, human beings are also tough, resilient and endlessly creative, and that’s why I’m choosing to acknowledge my fears and then put them to one side.

    Instead, I’m going to use this unprecedented situation to do something that all business owners wish they could do but never have the time for: I’m going to work on my business instead of in it.

    There are many things that can be done to develop your business during self-isolation, and it’s worth taking this opportunity to really scrutinise your online brand…

    I’ve put together a few top tips for things that you can do to help you feel proactive even if work is slow:

    1. Keep your business visible on social media

    Post daily with uplifting, entertaining or thought-provoking content that provides value and helps your audience. We all need a little positivity right now and your customers will remember the brands that made them smile during this time.

    2. Take this opportunity to work ‘ON’ your business

    Make a list of all the things that you have been wanting to do but you never had time for. Now you have the time so use it wisely.

    3. Stay connected with your clients & suppliers

    Why not send them an email to check-in on them and make sure that they are ok – remember we are all in this together and we need to offer kindness and support at this time.

    4. Host a meeting with a fellow business owner

    Use Zoom or Skype to stay connected. Plan a collaboration. Provide support where possible. Remember that your colleagues are just as anxious as you so why not make plans now to keep you both motivated.

    5. Attend a virtual networking meeting

    Many networking groups are now online so why not show up and join in with the conversation. It will keep you talking about your business and help you to stay connected. Community is very important and we all need to feel as though we are still part of it in some way.

    6. Create a new product or service

    Use this time to brainstorm something new and exciting for your business. What would you like to offer your clients? How can you help them further? Business is about identifying a need and then responding to that need with something that serves a purpose, so why not identify struggles your client may be having and then create a service or product to help?

    7. Audit your existing social media platforms and website

    This is the perfect opportunity to look at what is working and what is not so why not take some time and audit your social media platforms and website. Be critical. Are you showing up in a way that you want to be seen? are you delivering the right message to your audience?

    8. Learn a new skill through Skillshare or Udemy

    Why not learn a new skill? Now’s the time to really hone in on the direction you would like your business to take, and to define what you want to create. Take this time to brush up on existing skills or learn a new one.

    9. Create a 12-month content plan for your social media platforms

    We all know we should do it, but hands up if you’ve kept putting it to the bottom of the to-do list! Well now you’ve got plenty of time so no more excuses!

    10. Share your skills/knowledge online via a workshop or webinar
    How grateful are you that there are people out there willing to do this? Well you could be one of those people! It feels wonderful to share, and it creates a great impression on your audience

    11. Create an online video series to help educate your audience

    Videos don’t have to be expensive affairs shot in a studio: it can be just you, your camera and your knowledge. You can even use this as an opportunity to inject some personality into your branding by introducing the audience to your pets, garden or latest creative project.

    12. Create value-focused content to build your email list

    Your services may be on hold for now, but this lockdown won’t last forever, and once you’re back up and running, an extended mailing list will be just the ticket.


    Most of all use this time productively. I know things look dark at the moment but dwelling on the negatives won’t do anybody any good – ok so I sound like a therapist right now, but the truth is that the best way for us to get through all this with our business (and sanity) intact is to look for the silver lining: think of this as an extended exercise in marketing and your lockdown could really start to look up! 

    The Ultimate Branding Checklist


    2019: end of year review in business

    2019: end of year review in business

    Do you have 2020 vision?

    Well, as hard as it is to believe, 2019 has officially past and we are in to a brand new decade. It really does seem to have flown by in a flurry of furious activity don’t you think?

    Here at Pink Lemon we’ve been non-stop with projects, awards, customers and big big plans for the future; but being busy has its good points and its bad points: I don’t know about you, but sometimes I get so busy thinking about what comes next that I almost forget the importance of looking back.

    Writer Michael Crichton said:

    “If you don’t know history, then you don’t know anything. You are a leaf that doesn’t know it is part of a tree.”

    Ok so he was talking about the proverbial ‘bigger picture’ but personally I feel that this applies to marketing just as keenly. Take customer leads for example: you probably have some sort of system for registering where individual customers have come from, but when was the last time you really sat down and looked at it?

    If you don’t know how your customers heard of you then how do you know where to put your marketing budget next year? Similarly, your social media engagement can be extremely telling – have you ever looked back at your Facebook to see which posts got the most shares? Or what about your web analytics – where are those clicks coming from?

    You see, we really need to focus on our company’s history in order to make the most of its future, and it’s not just marketing that needs a close inspection.

    What about your brand motivation?

    I talk about this a lot: the ethos and goals you’ve set for yourself are at the core of your business. Yes the metaphorical goal posts are movable (if we’re too rigid we’ll never accomplish anything) but stray too far from your vision and you’ll find that your offering suffers. This can be especially relevant to new businesses, where easy sales and the promise of covering overheads quickly can mean that we end up with undesirable clients who don’t share our philosophy.

    And speaking of sales: are you meeting your money goals or simply ‘making do’? and, if the latter, what can you do about it in 2020?

    Brand Goals
    For me one of the most importance jobs at this time of year is to conduct an informal ‘end of year review’ for my business so that I start the New Year with a bang instead of a whimper! If you’re like me you’ll want to make sure you’re on the right track from the very beginning of next year, but if you’re unsure of how to go about it, then I’ve broken down my process below:

    My end of year review

    • MONEY Did you set a profit goal last year and, if so, did you meet it? Regardless of what time of year you usually do your accounts, it’s worth sitting down now and working out your finances so that you know what’s important and what’s in budget in 2020.
    • SOCIAL MEDIA Perform a similar analysis of your social media – look at what type of platforms and posts work well for you and at what time of the day/week your posts perform best. This can help you create a social media schedule for next year.
    • SUPPLIERS Who have you outsourced to this year? Are they worth dealing with in the future or do you need to change things up? Sometimes we’ll stick with suppliers out of convenience and not because they offer the best service.
    • THINK LONG TERM They say it takes an average of 6 months to see results from a marketing campaign so don’t read too much into recent efforts that haven’t yet paid off. Instead, think of where you want to be in 6 months’ time and use whatever data you have so far to formulate a plan.
    • DON’T PANIC! If this all seems a little overwhelming then seek advice from a professional marketer – we’re experts in guiding businesses in the right direction and an outside perspective can be invaluable at times like this.

    We all need a little bit of help from time to time…

    A key part of running a business is knowing when help is needed, after all, running a business can be very overwhelming. There’s always so much to do and just not enough hours in the day to do everything that needs to be done!

    This is why we were inspired to launch The Visibility Hub so that we can help other small business owners find their way as not every company has a dedicated marketing department and not every business owner has the time or know-how to get maximum visibility for their brand. 

    So what’s it all about?

    The Visibility Hub is a monthly meeting designed to help start-ups and small business owners move forward in their marketing and brand building efforts. For just a small fee per meeting, business owners can get together with like-minded people and industry experts to share ideas, get advice on challenges and ask for guidance to help them take their business from ‘hardly noticed’, to ‘not to be missed’!

    Each month will be themed around a specific topic and will feature Q&A session along with plenty of networking and the great thing is, there is no need to commit to attending every month, just pop along when you can.

    Our very first meeting will be taking place at 10am to 12.30pm on Wednesday 29th January at The Innovations Centre, Chatham. Our guest speaker will be Kathy Hayman, The Loving Life Coach who will be running an interactive workshop to help us really nail those all-important goals for 2020. So if you are looking to really step up this year in your business then please do come along.

    To book your ticket, click here.

    Space are limited so book your ticket ASAP to avoid disappointment as this is one not to be misse


    Lastly, and most importantly, I would like to wish you all a happy & successful 2020. With an entire year stretched before us, this year can be whatever you make it so kick fear to the curb and go for it.

    Make 2020 YOUR year!

    The Ultimate Branding Checklist