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There are some people in this world whose very presence makes you feel happy and excited, and Kathy Hayman, of the Loving Life Coach, is one of them!

We were over the moon to be asked to help Kathy with her brand strategy and identity, as well as stationery, ebook and website design, and we knew from our very first meeting that this is a lady who deserves bright colours!

The really fantastic thing about working with Kathy and getting to know her personality is that we were able to create a brand full of colour and fun, but that still looks classy and clean. Many designers are scared to use so many different colours, but when designing Kathy’s flowery logo, lots of colour was the obvious choice.

Kathy has a way of instantly putting people at ease and making them feel positive and uplifted. We believe that her new branding reflects this.


  • Brand strategy
  • Brand identity
  • Stationery design
  • Ebook creation
  • Graphic design
  • Website design
  • Digital media strategy
TLLC stationery design
The Loving Life Coach branding board

What Our Client Says…

“Going through the Brand Discovery Workshop with Karen was a brilliant process. Karen helped me look at my business from every angle which helped me be really clear about why I want the business and how I want it to be perceived. Identifying my ideal client was really useful in getting me to focus on who I don’t want as clients as well as who I do want. Digging into my mission and vision, aligning these with my core values and thinking ahead to my future goals and aspirations made the whole thing really come to life for me.

This workshop made me appreciate how essential this process is before even starting to think about what my brand would look like. It made me realise that my brand is the core of who I am and what my business is – so much more than a logo, website and business card.

At the end of it I really felt excited for developing my brand with Karen as I now understand that it is a true representation of me and my business, which makes me feel much more confident about my business professionalism, image and ability to portray myself in exactly the way I want to. I would advise anyone starting out in business not to do anything until they have completed the Brand Discovery Workshop with Karen as it will make a huge difference to the success and effectiveness of your brand.”

– Kathy Hayman, The Loving Life Coach

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