Picture the scene, you are at a networking event and you manage to finally get in front of a prospective Client that you have been wanting to talk to for ages…

Picture the scene… you are at a networking event and you manage to finally get in front of a prospective Client that you have been wanting to talk to for ages.

The discussion is going great guns and you feel as though you are really making a great impression, after all they seem really hooked on what you have to say. Suddenly, this said prospective, asks you for a business card; all of a sudden you panic!

You fish around in your bag for what feels like ages and then finally you manage to pull out something that resembles a rather sad looking piece of paper. You go to give it to the prospective client and then… OMG, it flops!

Standing there feeling rather embarrassed, all you can think is ‘why didn’t I just pay for some professional business cards….!”

How many of you have been in this kind of situation, where you feel embarrassed with your business card?

OK, so it might not literally flop but everything from the thinness of the card to the way it has been designed screams ‘DIY’….

So why you should you spend your hard-earned money on business cards?

Well, where do I start…

1. First and foremost, it creates a first impression
First impressions are extremely important, especially when networking and business cards can leave a lasting impression. If you received a flimsy, poorly designed business card, would you be jumping through hoops to do business with that person? I suspect not.

2. They are inexpensive
In terms of your marketing spend for your business, business cards are relatively inexpensive however they can be quite powerful in terms of marketing your business and telling people what you do.

3. Easy to carry around
Business cards are portable and as such, I keep a stack of business cards in my work bag at all times and they go wherever I go as you never know when someone may ask for a business card. They take up very little room which means if the right opportunity arises, I am able to market my business. Boom!

4. They are a direct marketing tool
Your business card is a valuable, effective and direct marketing tool that people can take away with them. It carries your branding and helps to create an impression of your business. It can also showcase your personality as well which can help your business to be memorable.

5. Creates a sense of professionalism
A well-designed business card can enhance credibility and create a sense of professionalism. It also makes you look prepared and ready to do business!

6. May help to generate potential leads
A good quality business card can help to generate leads which of course can turn into revenue. I have personally experienced this so it really does work!

7. Provides a personal touch
Business cards provide a personal touch. We live in such a digital age where everything is pretty much done via our phones or on the computer so it’s actually quite refreshing to exchange something physical. It helps build connections and you are more likely to remember the person who gave you a business card, as opposed to someone who sends their details digitally.

8. Easy to follow up
By giving your business card out, it makes it easy for prospective Clients to follow up with you at a later date. You are more likely to receive a LinkedIn request or a follow-up email, in which case you are then able to develop a business relationship.

9. Makes you referable
A business card can easily and effortlessly be passed on. Only recently I received a business card from a Solicitor who I met whilst networking. Talking to a friend the following day, they were telling me about their personal troubles and asked if I knew a Solicitor who would give them some advice. Of course, I passed over the business card I had been given the day before and before I knew it, I had made a referral. How easy was that?!


So, if you are in any doubt as to whether business cards are still needed, the short answer is, absolutely!

Why pass up an easy and inexpensive way to showcase your business and brand? It doesn’t mean you can’t still be digital in your approach but I personally believe it is still a key marketing touchpoint of your business.

I am more than happy to give out my business card whenever someone asks, in fact please go ahead and take one…

Pink Lemon business card