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Brand Discovery Workshop

This workshop has been designed to help you gain clarity around your brand so that your brand identity can truely reflect your business and help you to stand out against your competition.


(This workshop runs for 3-4 hours)

PART 1 – Understanding your business

This involves getting to the heart of your business and finding out where the business is at and how the business has been performing, what works well and what doesn’t work.

We will also discuss key business objectives and what is wanting to be achieved in the future.

PART 2 – Discovery

This session will be about gathering ideas and thoughts about the business. It’s important to understand what makes the business individual and special so throughout this session we will go ‘under the hood’ of the business to pull-out aspects of the business that are unique.

We will cover the following areas:

  • Your audience – who are they, when do they buy from you, what do they expect

  • Your purpose – why does the business exist

  • Your brand value – what makes your business unique

  • Core values – what do you stand for

  • The ‘big’ vision – what is your big objective

  • Business’s mission – why do you do what you do

  • Individual contributions – who does what and why

  • Customer pain-points and how you do what you to solve them

  • Customer experience – what experience do they receive

  • Competition – who are they and what are they doing

PART 3 – Tone of Voice

Your brand needs a voice so in this session we will create a brand voice that fits with your brand so that when you communicate to your audience, you reflect your true personality. This will help potential customers understand more about your business and the way you approach what you do. It also helps to create the essence of your brand.

PART 4 – Imagery and Brand Personality

Your brand image and colour scheme plays an important role in your business’s visual identity. This needs to be aligned with your tone of voice and brand personality so that everything you do resonates with your audience. When everything you say or do resonates with your personality, it deepens connections with customers, allowing you to build trust and long-term brand loyalty.

PART 5 – Report After the Meeting

A report will be provided after the workshop which covers all matters discussed and agreed during the session.

“Going through the Brand Discovery Workshop was a brilliant process. Karen helped me look at my business from every angle which helped me be really clear about why I want the business and how I want it to be perceived.”

The brand discovery with Karen was hugely helpful

“The brand discovery with Karen was hugely helpful and a bit like going to therapy! 

Karen asks questions that you have never even thought about but are so important to realising what your brand stands for and where you are going. I had been cruising along, focusing on the day to day issues of my business but the questions made me stop and think about why my business exists and the type of people I want to attract. This is so important as Pilates becomes more popular and competitors come onto the scene. 

Without the brand discovery workshop, I would have just been another local teacher but now I am confident that my business will stand out and become the go-to studio in the area.”

The Brand Discovery Workshop will make a huge difference to the success and effectiveness of your brand.

“Going through the Brand Discovery Workshop with Karen was a brilliant process. Karen helped me look at my business from every angle which helped me be really clear about why I want the business and how I want it to be perceived. Identifying my ideal client was really useful in getting me to focus on who I don’t want as clients as well as who I do want. Digging into my mission and vision, aligning these with my core values and thinking ahead to my future goals and aspirations made the whole thing really come to life for me.

This workshop made me appreciate how essential this process is before even starting to think about what my brand would look like. It made me realise that my brand is the core of who I am and what my business is – so much more than a logo, website and business card. At the end of it I really felt excited for developing my brand with Karen as I now understand that it is a true representation of me and my business, which makes me feel much more confident about my business professionalism, image and ability to portray myself in exactly the way I want to. I would advise anyone starting out in business not to do anything until they have completed the Brand Discovery Workshop with Karen as it will make a huge difference to the success and effectiveness of your brand

Excellent brand discovery workshop

“In my recent discovery workshop with Karen, she really helped me to hone in on what my business is about and the services I offer. My niche is very specific and Karen immediately grasped my business model and helped me to understand how I need to go about gaining the trust of my clients.

Through eliciting my personal and professional values, I’m now able to offer a service that’s true to me. I loved the very comprehensive report Karen provided me with which I see as a roadmap for growing my business.”

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