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Aly Harrold Public Speaking

Aly Harrold Public Speaking

Rebrand & Brand Development

An aPEELing start

Speak to anyone in the Kent Business Community and the chances are they’ve heard of Aly Harrold!

This gorgeous, dynamic lady is one of the county’s premiere speaking coaches and has over 5 years’ experience; during which time she’s taught hundreds of women (including our Creative Director, Karen) to stand up and find their voice.

Aly Harrold business cards
Aly Harrold branding

The JUICY details

After a successful half decade in business, Aly decided it was time to step things up and make her brand more visible, so that she could take her unique approach to public speaking to a wider audience.

Despite her success, Aly’s brand had never really been formalised and so she was lacking cohesion in what she presented to her audience. It’s not that Aly hadn’t worked with a designer before mind you – she’d once had someone help her pick a good font and a nice shade of purple!

Being new to the world of brand marketing therefore, Aly was only too keen to chat to me after we met at a networking event and, soon after, she invited to speak on branding at one of her workshops (after she’d given me a few pointers on presentation!)

Aly then commissioned us to create a full branding programme for her, which would help her raise awareness of her business.

A FRUITFUL outcome

As Aly’s business is aimed at female entrepreneurs looking to grow their business through public speaking, we needed to walk a fine line between feminine and professional.

Having created the Pink Lemon branding with similar intentions, we knew we could do a great job on this project. The resulting branding is clean, bright and engaging: drawing the eye and creating intrigue, whilst projecting an air of competence and expertise.

Aly was already known throughout Kent before we started working together but this new branding has helped cement her reputation both here and beyond and is aiding in her quest to spread her positive message even further afield.

Having already won several awards for her work, Aly is used to acclaim, but with her chic new look, she’s ready to soar to even greater heights!

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“Working with Pink Lemon on my new website has been wonderful!

It was a bigger project than I first imagined and it was great to have Karen’s help to create a new logo and branding which truly represented me. The building of the website was a process I enjoyed and it was great fun to see everything taking shape. 

Pink Lemon does a lot more than design the logo, they create the look, feel and style of the brand and all the other supporting materials needed. They really cares that you have a presence which represents you, your core message and values on every platform.

The investment of time and money are worth it in so many ways and knowing I have their support as the website needs to evolve and grow is very reassuring.

Karen is very talented, hard-working and full of integrity.

If you are considering creating branding that really sells who you are and what you do and a new website, a call with Karen is a great place to start.”

Aly Harrold, Public Speaking Coach

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