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Passion, dedication and zing!

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Hello, my name’s Karen… I’m the creator of Pink Lemon Branding and Design

Here at Pink Lemon, I work with a team of talented Associates that love what they do as much as I do.

My team are all experts in their respective fields so that I can provide a full holistic approach to any communication problem, clients may have.

We provide bespoke, tailored-made solutions that really help Clients to stand out and gain market traction.

A little bit about me

I’ve been working as a Graphic & Website Designer now for many years and gained my BA (Hons) in Graphic Media from the University of Creative Arts back in 2011 after working in London for over 12 years whilst studying design at The London College of Communication.

Having spent years working in marketing & communications where I developed a natural passion for branding, design and marketing through working within some large, dynamic brands.

Why design?

I’m incredibly passionate about design and fascinated by the processes behind the creation of company brands. A good brand can take a business from so-so to so-wow and it’s my aim to help each and every one of my clients achieve this.

Why branding?

Think about some of the world’s most successful businesses: one thing they all have in common is a strong brand. That doesn’t just mean having a funky logo, their brand extends to every part of their business, from the colours on their cards, to the fonts on their letterheads to the language they use in their adverts.

A sense of cohesion serves to make a business appear more professional and makes it far more memorable and that really is the key to good marketing.

Why Pink Lemon?

Branding is about finding the very heart of your business and communicating it to the world through creative and visual design. The heart of Pink Lemon centres around my two beautiful daughters who inspired me to embark on this journey and start my very own business. I am constantly surrounded by lots of pink so it seemed fitting to incorporate a little bit of my girls in my brand.

I’m also zesty, colourful and fresh and like to stand out from the crowd!

Why we are different

Our branding

If you’re going to get your branding just right then it’s important that you establish a really good foundation on which to build it. The first step in creating (or updating) your branding therefore, is to be absolutely certain of what you want from your business.

At Pink Lemon, when we speak to our customers, we first ask them to consider the following:

  • Values
  • Vision
  • Purpose
  • Mission

This then enables them to create a BRAND POSITIONING STATEMENT. To show you just what we mean, here’s a breakdown of the Pink Lemon Brand…

Our values

At Pink Lemon we are passionate, ambitious and results driven.

We believe that creativity and collaboration are the keys to good branding, and that good branding is the key to business success.

We work with our clients to create effective branding that captures and enhances their corporate identity. It is therefore vital to our company that we maintain an open, honest and genuine relationship with our clients and that we are transparent in our policies and services at all times.

We understand that our success is predicated on the success of our clients and that long term relationships are the best way to ensure the best outcome for both parties.

Our vision

Pink Lemon’s vision for the future is to firmly establish our company as a premiere branding and marketing studio in Kent. We will continue to specialise in brand development, strategy and creative design that help our clients to really stand out from the crowd.

Our aim is to consistently grow our business and our team, gaining recognition through local and national creative awards and through facilitating workshops intended to highlight the importance of branding in the local business community.

Our mission

At Pink Lemon we work to increase the efficiency of our client’s communications by designing engaging, compelling and innovative graphic and marketing solutions.

By increasing customer engagement, businesses can extend their reach and grow their profits. Our branding and marketing solutions are carefully monitored in order to track ROI and ascertain the most effective approach for each individual client in both the short and long term.

Why we are different

Pink Lemon provides SMEs with high-quality, bespoke creative solutions that help them to stand out from the crowd and attract their target audience.

We in turn stand out from our competitors because of our client-focused service, excellent value and holistic approach. We are at all times personable and open in our dealings with clients and guarantee to respond quickly to customer queries and requests.

Although we can be engaged for one off or short term projects, we believe that the best outcomes are achieved by really getting to know our clients in order to help them with their branding over months or even years. Pink Lemon promises to maintain consistent communications with the client for as long as required, to help them grow their brand in an organic and beneficial manner.

Pink Lemon’s ethos can be summarised by the following 5 step approach:

  • We learn
  • We research
  • We develop
  • We create
  • We solve

Try listing out your values, vision, purpose and mission, and using them to create your own Brand Positioning Statement – if you’re struggling then just give us a call and we’ll help you start your journey towards better branding and business success.

If you want fresh, fruity branding that refuses to blend into the background then that’s what Pink Lemon provides!

We are super proud to have received the following business awards for the work we do:

Business Awards

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