Passion, dedication and zing!

“Design is my true passion, creating is what I do…”

Karen Davies

Hi, my name’s Karen and I’m the Founder and Creative Director at Pink Lemon Branding and Design Ltd, a branding studio based in the heart of Kent.

After years of training and gaining experience working in agencies and with brands of all sizes, I knew that my agency would place 3 things as its heart. Quality and creative branding and design solutions coupled with attentive client care and responsive service.

I believe that developing truly great branding is a journey. Often it is immersive, and it is always highly personal, as we explore your passion and purpose.

Here at Pink Lemon, we believe that the creative process is exciting and should be fun, enjoyable and inspiring.

I work with a team of talented and experienced associates who share my passion for great design and customer experience and continue to inspire me daily.

Taking your brand from so-so to wow-wow

A strong brand extends to every part of your business, from the colours on your website and business cards, to the fonts on your letterheads and the language you use.

Your visuals should represent your values, vision, mission, and purpose, as well as what you do.

When your branding is consistent across all areas of your business, you create a sense of cohesion which makes your business stand out and ensures you are more memorable, which is the key to good marketing.

Why Design?

I’m incredibly passionate about design and fascinated by the processes behind the creation of company brands. A good brand can take a business from so-so to ‘oh-wow’ and it’s my aim to help each and every one of my clients achieve exactly that.

Why Branding?

Think about some of the world’s most successful businesses: one thing they all have in common is a strong brand. That doesn’t just mean having a funky logo, their brand extends to every part of their business, from the colours on their cards, to the fonts on their letterheads, to the language they use in their adverts. A sense of cohesion serves to make a business appear more professional and makes it far more memorable and that really is the key to good marketing.

Why Pink Lemon?

My own brand ethos revolves around standing out from the crowd. Yes I can be a bit girly (my own little girls inspired the ‘pink’ bit!) but I’m also zesty, colourful and fresh.

If you want fresh, fruity branding that refuses to blend into the background then Pink Lemon will not disappoint!

Pink Lemon will sharpen the senses, bring a vibrant tang and leave a lasting impression in the minds of your clients and prospects.

We are proud WINNERS of the ‘Creative Business of the Year 2023’ & ‘Digital Business of the Year 2023’ Awards.

We are also super proud to have received the following business awards for the work we do.


Ready To Get Started?

Regardless of what stage you at in your business, if you would like to discuss how we can support your brand then book a complimentary discovery call and together we can discuss your ideas to formulate a plan of action.

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