5 tips on how to cope when things don’t go to plan!

If there’s one thing I have learnt during the past 2 years of being in business is that it’s one hell of a rollercoaster ride and that you need to hang on for dear life… The effect it has on the emotions is incredible; one day I could...
Website blog
Website blog

Case Study: Happy You Happy Body Rebrand

Rebrand & Brand Development www.happyyouhappybody.co.uk Based in Kent, Karen Jones is a Personal Fitness Instructor who provides personal training sessions, runs fitness bootcamps and teaches yoga in Orpington. Karen is also a published Author and an...

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Website blog

What is the point of your website?

You have a website but do you know why you have a website other than to say, ‘you have website’? The reason I am putting this question out there into the great digital universe is because I often come across Clients who have existing websites but they don’t know its...

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Business blog

What I’ve learnt in business so far…

Who knew that starting your own business was such a minefield? I didn’t, although to be fair I didn’t really plan on going it alone, it just sort of happened. My transition into self-employment basically consisted of me waking up one morning and saying to my poor,...

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Time to rebrand

10 signs that it may be time for a rebrand

To brand or not to brand, that is the question… If you’ve been in business for a while; the chances are you’ve developed a brand. Good – that’s the first step to business success. However, when was the last time you really took a good look at your...

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Business cards

Are your business cards lacking zest?

Picture the scene, you are at a networking event and you manage to finally get in front of a prospective Client that you have been wanting to talk to for ages... Picture the scene… you are at a networking event and you manage to finally get in...

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Investing in branding

Why you must invest in your business’s branding

Let me start by asking you a question… does your branding, website or marketing material convey the passion you have for your business? If not, why not? Believe it or not, branding isn’t just about creating a nice-looking logo or even a great looking...

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What is branding?

The first question people tend to ask about what I do is “what exactly is branding?” You see, people understand that a business needs a logo or a strapline, but they often think that branding stops there. Worse still they think that branding consultants...

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Creative Director, Pink Lemon

Welcome to my freshly squeezed blog!

My name is Karen and I am a Branding & Website Designer. I am really passionate about what I do as I love helping other business owners to grow their businesses.

When I am not designing or running my business, I am a wife and mummy to two beautiful daughters – in fact it was my girls that inspired the ‘pink’ in Pink Lemon as I have a lot of pink in my house!


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